You can direct new flights to Dalaman airport from Istanbul and Ankara. Datca Dalaman airport 160 km. away from the airport to Marmaris with the service and later through the mini-buses per hour to complete. For those who want to come to the airport of Bodrum and Datca, the ferry service has the opportunity to get in 2 hours, but the exact departure times vary according to season and months before the investigation is useful. 65 km from Datca Marmaris. and the need to travel about an hour. Izmir is 330 km from Datca. and have access to 4 hours to Izmir. With the bus takes about 14 minutes from Datca Istanbul. In addition, ferries and sea buses departing from the islands of Rhodes and the Sömbeki Datca be reached.

 From Datca-Bodrum ferry services are offered by mutual regularly, every day, 09:00 and 17:00 Datca, Bodrum, 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 hours every day on the move etmektedir.Feribot price schedule şekildedir.0-6 0.7 to 12 age group by 50% in age group free indirimlidir.Araç vehicle drivers need to make a reservation in advance for dahildir.Feribot prices. Ferry booking number 0252 712 2143 Web address
Distances: Datca-Ankara 825 Km. Datca-Istanbul (ferry) 790 km. Datca-Izmir 345 km. Datca-Dalaman Airport 155 Km. Datca-Marmaris 70 Km. Datca directly from the bus companies are as follows: Pamukkale, Kamil Koc, meters, Ulusoy.

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